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MM2H programme constantly being enhanced

I wish to refer to the article titled "Policy decisions that continue to confuse" by Mr Andy Davison, which appeared in NST Property on Friday, Jan 30, 2009.

The feedback by Mr Davison on the Malaysia My Second Home or MM2H programme is very much appreciated.

However, the decision to allow foreign individuals to apply directly to the MM2H Centre is to provide an option for those interested in the MM2H programme. It was based on feedback from prospective MM2H participants who said they prefer to apply directly without going through a licensed MM2H agent.

One of the main reasons is the desire for confidentiality, especially among applicants who prefer not to disclose their financial and personal information to unofficial sources including licensed MM2H agents.

In short, this new ruling is more customer-friendly as it allows applicants, especially those from Englishspeaking countries and those already familiar with our country (having worked in Malaysia before or visited during their holidays) the choice of either applying on their own or seeking the assistance of a licensed MM2H agent.

In general, our Government is committed towards improving the MM2H programme based on feedback and consultations with the relevant stakeholders. Towards this end, our Government has also agreed to allow foreigners married to Malaysians the option to apply under the MM2H programme if they choose not to apply under the Spouse Programme.

In addition, our Government is finalising plans to allow participants under the MM2H programme to work part-time in critical sectors; to be active investors; and other improvements which will be announced once the guidelines to implement these enhancements are completed.

Ministry of Tourism,
Kuala Lumpur


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