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‘Liquidator bulldozed through procedures’

02/02/2009 The Star

RESIDENTS of the Majestic Heights project’s phase one in Paya Terubong in Penang are claiming that the liquidator did not go through the standard practice when obtai-ning the Certificate of Fitness (CF) for the units.

Their joint management committee (JMC) executive adviser S.L. Chang alleged that the liquidator had “bulldozed” through the procedures as a check showed that several approvals were not obtained from the relevant authorities.

“From what I understand, the sensing cable for the two water tanks in phase one was not installed and it was not handed over to the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP).

“The access road leading to the nine blocks was also not properly handed over to the Public Works Department.

“Even though all these conditions were not adhered to, we are puzzled that the liquidator still managed to obtained the CF and strata titles,” he said at a dialogue session at the JMC’s office recently.

It was attended by state executive councillor Chow Kon Yow and representatives of 13 government bodies.

The phase one project, comprising nine blocks totalling 1,557 units, was revived in 2002.

The CF was obtained in December 2003 and unit owners began moving in soon after.

Currently, more than 75% of the occupants of phase one are foreign workers.

Chang added that each unit owner had paid RM7,500 for the revival of the abandoned project.

“About 95% of the unit owners paid up RM10mil to the fund which is administered by the liquidator. But still, there are many uncompleted basic amenities,” he said.

Chang said residents had to put up with social problems caused by the foreigners and problems such as vandalism, thefts, break-ins and unhygienic living conditions.

He added that rubbish was strewn all over the place.

Chow, who is also the Penang Local Traffic Management and Environment Commit- tee chairman, said the relevant govern-ment bodies, the JMC and representatives of the liquidator should resolve the pro-blems.

He said a meeting to be attended by all the parties would be held soon but cautioned that it was impossible for the matter to be resolved in just a single session.

Penang Municipal Council secretary Tan Cheng Chui said they would look into the compliance of all conditions imposed on the “partial” CF.

When contacted, a representative from the liquidator said they had fullfilled the conditions for the issuance of the CF.

“We have fulfilled our responsibility, which is to revive and complete the project as well as obtain the CF and strata titles from the relevant authorities.

“We have done everything except the installation of sensing cable of the water tanks. We are still negotiating with the PBAPP over its cost.

“It is clearly stipulated in our agreement with the purchasers that we can bill them for any additional costs spent on basic amenities.

“The RM7,500 paid by each individual was only meant for the completion of the project,” he said.


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