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Developer given two months to submit report on defects

Kota Kinabalu: The developer of a residential park in Telipok near here has been given two months to inspect and submit full reports to the authorities on defects to two of its semi-detached houses there.

This was agreed upon by the developer, project consultants and owners of the houses concerned in front of City Hall (DBKK) Engineer, Kelvin Liaw, and Inanam Assemblyman Datuk Johnny Goh, after a joint inspection of the houses Thursday.

Once everything is completed, Liaw said, the reports would be tabled during City Hall's housing committee meeting which will also be attended by all those concerned.

A representative of the developer, when asked, promised to carry out the rectification but declined further comment on the matter.

The two units involved, one of which belongs to a 24-year-old woman and the other by her 31-year-old cousin, were found to have some defects although OCs had been issued on June 13 last year.

Both owners have not been able to renovate and occupy their houses due to safety reasons and serious cracks/defects which might have been caused by foundation, structure, material or workmanship problems among others.

In a joint statement the house owners Sharon Tang and her cousin Soo See Tiing who were satisfied with Thursday's outcome claimed it was the latest effort to get a satisfactory solution to their problem.

There were two other joint inspections and three meetings previously with the developer and consultants, they claimed, adding they have also lodged complaints with the Housing Controller of Sabah and City Hall, which had already sent three letters to the developer and consultants.

"But then we did not see any consultants carry out any investigation works, report, recommendations etc," they said.

The joint inspection and meeting held Thursday was aimed among others to get approval/endorsement from City Hall and the Housing Controller to their suggestion to the developer to engage a third party geotechnical/structural consultant/expert; a guarantee from the developer, architects and consultants prior to the actual rectification/rebuilding works that there is no structural defect, no soil subsidence/movement, foundation failure and piling failure.

Also that there will be no more cracks in the house and other building problems; that the building is 100 per cent safe for occupation and it will not cause disturbance, anxiety and mental stress to the occupants; the developer/consultant needs to be responsible for all the cost of renovation works, cost of moving in and out of the house and any other expenses incurred (inclusive psychological/mental stress) if the houses are found cracking again; and that the developer/consultant needs to deposit a reasonable amount as deemed fit by City Hall/ Housing Controller as guarantee.

On the owners' inquiry on remedies to them for not being able to occupy their respective house since the issuance of the OC, Liaw said they would have to refer the matter to the tribunal for an amicable solution.

The houses in question are the only two of 30 units in the park's phase one project having defects to such an extent that the owners have not been able to occupy them.

Goh, meanwhile, said that this was the second housing defect case he has come across in his constituency since last year, the first being in Kolombong, Inanam.


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