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Company asks residents to pay outstanding bills before demanding for maintenance services
18/02/2009 The Star By Stuart Michael

Isaiah Jacob who is secretary of the Taman Sri Murni Selayang residents safety action committee, waiting for the lift at his apartment block.

APARTMENT maintenance company Hokawai and Associates has urged apartment owners in Taman Seri Murni Selayang, Kuala Lumpur, to pay their maintenance fees of RM1.2mil before demanding any services.

According to its senior manager, Rolland Dass, they have been having problems collecting maintenance fees from the residents in the apartment since taking over two years ago.

On Jan 21, in an article that appeared in StarMetro, “A host of woes at apartments”, the residents claimed the company had not been servicing the apartments.

“If we can get even half of the amount owing to us, we would be able to service the apartments well. Many of the owners owe us six to seven years of maintenance fees.

“Just to give an insight to the history of this apartment, we took over the maintenance in September 2007, when the previous company owed Syabas RM67,000 in water bills and RM209,883 in electricity bills.

“So, we struck a deal with Syabas and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) to pay about RM40,000 a month. But we make sure that at least one lift is working in every block,” Dass said.

He added that the company collected about RM30,000 in maintenance fees and it was just enough to cover their payment to Syabas and TNB.

“We are at a losing end and I hope the residents will understand our problems.

“If the residents start paying, we will definitely ensure that maintenance is our utmost priority,’ he said.


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