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Baiduri residents out on the edge
06/01/2006 NST By Naveen Mathew Menon

Petaling Jaya Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian (fourth from left) and Taman Medan assemblyman Haniza Mohamed Talha (in tudung) with Taman Impian Baiduri residents looking at the shoddy roof of the low-cost flats.

PETALING JAYA: In 2005, residents of Taman Impian Baiduri low-cost flats thought they were moving into their dream homes.

S. Sathasivam, deputy chairman of the residentsí association of Taman Impian Baiduri

Hee Loy Sian, member of parliament for Petaling Jaya Selatan

Haniza Mohamed Talha, assemblyman for Taman Medan

But to their dismay, they had to put up with many problems.

S. Sathasivam, deputy chairman of the residents' association of Taman Impian Baiduri, said: "We have no strata titles, no Certificate of Fitness and the developer did not adhere to the sales and purchase agreement.

"Even though our apartments are relatively new, they are starting to look rundown because hardly any maintenance work is done.

"When we asked the developer (Taipan Focus Sdn Bhd) why cracks in the walls and roofs, broken lifts and other problems were not being remedied, they said the residents were not paying the maintenance fees.

"But only the residents of 326 of the 1,344 units have not paid their maintenance fees," Sathasivam said.

"Roughly 75 per cent of the residents here are paying monthly maintenance fees which now amount to over RM2 million.

"The question is where has the money gone to? No year-end statements have been provided for the last three years.

"Our safety has been compromised because the developer has not fixed grilles on the windows and walkways of the building. Anybody, especially children, can slip and fall from the building.

"The top of our building has no proper roofing. If water pipes break down, it is difficult to fix them because the roof is blocking the pipes. We are also not getting the first 20 cubic metres of free water that the state government is giving.

"The developer said if we wanted the free water, we have to pay another round of deposit. Currently, we are paying 90 sen per litre of water.

"The residents association will only form a Joint Management Body if the developer fulfills all the provisions of the sale and purchase agreement. We want only zero liabilities when we take over.

"There are two plots of land, one in front and one behind the flats which are supposed to be padang for the residents. The area has not been cleared and is full of lalang, trees and shrubs.

"An alternative road beside the padang connecting this housing area to Jln 229 has not been completed as promised," he lamented.

Hee Loy Sian, MP for Petaling Jaya Selatan and Haniza Mohamed Talha, assemblyman for Taman Medan, met the residents and representatives of MPPJ on Monday to discuss the various problems,

Hee and Haniza, who were taken by the residents to assess the deplorable conditions of the flats, said they would talk to the developer.

"We have previously held discussions with the developer and they pledged to solve the problems.

"But, so far they have failed to do so. If they do not keep their pledge, we will bring the matter to the attention of the housing board," (Lembaga Perumahan)," Hee said.

He said the building was highly unsafe because it had no grilles and the Fire and Rescue Department had voiced its concern.

"It also has a lot of cracks and we will ask the housing board to check if the buildings are fit for occupancy,"

A participant at the dialogue, who wished to remain anonymous, said some people were injured when a lift fell from the third floor.

Hajar Ismail, chairman of the residents' association of Taman Impian Baiduri and Moi Yeok Meng of the residents' association also attended the dialogue session.

Many of the residents were also unhappy that there was no surau, kindergarten or playing field in their area.

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