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MPKj, IWK and developer agree to resolve problem
22/08/2008 The Star By CHARLES FERNANDEZ

RESIDENTS of Sentosa flats in Sungai Jelok, who have had to put up with a sewerage problem for the past four years, can finally heave a sigh of relief.

The Commissioner of Buildings (CoB) unit of the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj), Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) and the housing project developer Seng Soong have promised to resolve the problem after the matter was brought up by Kajang Municipal Councillor S.T. Chandramohan.

The long-standing problem was due to blockage and a poorly-maintained system, which caused a backflow of sewage onto walkways. Each household had initially tried to solve the problem by themselves when there was no response from the authorities, but by resorting to minor repairs, they only made the problems worse.

“They had brought up the matter with the IWK and the developer in the past but unfortunately both parties did not want to take responsibility,” Chandramohan said.

Sorry state: Chandramohan (right) and representatives of the MPKj, developer and IWK inspecting the damage caused by poor maintenance at Taman Sentosa.

Chandramohan wants to get all the parties responsible to come together to resolve the problem and not pass the buck.

“This is a serious problem which is of great concern to the residents as it could affect their health. The council, IWK, the developer and the Residents Association have agreed to work together to solve the problem,” he said.

He said when the problem was directed to IWK in the past, they had responded by saying that the blockage was not in their system, while the developer claimed otherwise.

Chandramohan said the four parties had now come to a consensus.


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