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Problems managing housing schemes

02/05/2008 The Star

ALL 42 state housing projects in Penang are being managed on deficit funds as many residents failed to settle their monthly maintenance fees, said state Town, Country Planning and Housing Committee chairman Wong Hon Wai.

Citing the Gat Lebuh Noordin flats as an example, he said RM124,981.49 was spent on maintaining the flats last year but the collection amounted to only RM75,944.80.

“So far, the accumulated debt owed by residents there is RM30,550,” said Wong, adding that 21 owners had not been paying their maintenance fees for two years while one owner owned nine years of fees.

“I appeal to the residents to pay the maintenance fees on time so that the housing department can use the funds to upgrade the infrastructure,” Wong said during a visit to the Gat Lebuh Noorin block of 384 flat units on Wednesday.

Site visit: Wong (yellow shirt) visiting the Gat Lebuh Noordin flats.

He said the RM15 monthly maintenance fee of the Gat Lebuh Noordin flats was the lowest in the state.

On the strata title ownership, he said 69% of Gat Lebuh Noordin flat owners had obtained their strata titles while 37% of Kampung Melayu flat owners and 82% of Rifle Range flat owners had done so.

Wong added that the state government’s long-term objective was to form a joint management body (JMB) and management corporation with the residents in due time.

Wong and Pengkalan Kota assemblyman Lau Keng Ee He will hold a dialogue session with the Gat Lebuh Noordin Flats Residents Association at 8.30pm on Sunday to solve problems faced by residents.

“Reminders have been sent to residents who have not paid maintenance fees for more than three months,” Wong said.

Asked if action would be taken against those who did not pay up, he said the state preferred to listen to the residents first.


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