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Clean up, Saravanan tells high-rise managements

09/05/2008 The Star By Izatun Shari

KUALA LUMPUR: A stern warning has been given to the management committees of flats, apartments, condominiums, gated communities, commercial buildings, shopping complexes, service apartments, industrial parks and town houses as well as residents' associations to clear rubbish in areas under their jurisdiction.

The Federal Territories Ministry has directed its enforcement officers to be strict to these management committees to ensure that the city is clean.

Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said summonses would be issued to management committees, which failed to clean up areas under their jurisdiction.

"We are giving a stern warning to these management committees to ensure that they clear up rubbish in areas that do not fall under the purview of Alam Flora Sdn Bhd and City Hall Kuala Lumpur (DBKL). If areas under their jurisdiction are not cleaned, we will issue them with a summons," he told reporters Friday after a meeting with senior officials from Alam Flora to identify weaknesses in the company's garbage collection service here.

He said Alam Flora and DBKL would have to cooperate with these management committees and residents' associations to keep the city clean.

"Many places in the city are not clean. We can't change overnight but I give you the assurance that in six months you will see a difference in Kuala Lumpur, provided that management committees and residents' associations give their cooperation."

He pointed out the public should not blame Alam Flora and DBKL every time certain areas in the city were dirty.

"The public must realise that Alam Flora and DBKL are not responsible for cleaning up all areas in the city. Most shopping complexes, commercial buildings and condominiums appoint their own management committees to clear rubbish."

Saravanan said one of the weaknesses of Alam Flora's cleaning service stemmed from the inefficiency of contractors it appointed.

He said the solid waste management company, which has 3,000 workers, appointed contractors for about 70% of the garbage collection service.

"They are in the process of reviewing the contractors' service and will give us a full report on the matter as soon as possible," he said, adding that the company had just identified the weaknesses and it should be given some time to improve its service.

On numerous complaints about uncollected garbage at some terrace houses due to lorries which broke down, he said: "Alam Flora proposed the setting up of a joint committee with DBKL to overcome the weaknesses."

He said he would brief the minister about the proposal but it would be up to the minister to decide.

He reiterated that the ministry had no intention of cancelling Alam Flora's contract but was in the process of improving its service.

"Only the Federal Government can make a decision on the contract," he stressed.


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