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Selangor Clears Backlogs In Four Land Management Areas Up To December 2007
07/01/2008 Bernama

SHAH ALAM, Jan 7 (Bernama) – The Selangor State Government has taken resolute steps on the Federal Government’s directives to clear the backlog in four areas of land management at the end of 2007, in effort to enhance its delivery system.

The areas involved are business and non-business registration, land alienation, registration and issuance of strata titles, and conversion of Qualified Titles to Final Titles, according to a statement from the Menteri Besar’s Office.

The statement said that as at December 31, 2007, a total of 533,176 (99.99%) from 533,216 submission of business and non-business had been registered. As for applications for land alienation, 49,163 (99.78%) out of 49,269 had been processed.

For strata titles, a total of 2,451 (56.06%) out of 4,372 schemes had been registered, while 858,118 (80.25%) out of 1,069,305 Qualified Titles had been converted to Final Titles.

From the remaining unregistered 1,921 schemes (43.94%), 360 required the developers to conform to the requirements for building subdivision of buildings, while 597 schemes required the developers to settle the fees imposed.

The statement also said that 23 schemes were pending court case settlements, while 941 strata schemes were required to resolve issues with the relevant Technical Department before they could be registered.

For the remaining 211,187 (19.75%) Qualified Titles yet to be converted, 81,495 original files could not be traced. This required additional time for thorough checking and commencing of duplicate files to avoid discrepancies.

A total of 47,966 titles required follow-up actions by the Land Administrator with the respective Developers to obtain the Pre-Computation Plan for the purpose of lot matching for title registration. The remaining 81,726 titles yet to be registered required resolutions at the Technical Department level before they could be registered.

The Selangor State Government is actively clearing the backlogs and expects to settle all the remaining unsettled files by June 30, with the exception of those involving court cases. This is towards enhancing its delivery system, the statement said.

The State Government will work together with all relevant parties including members of the public and the private sector to achieve this objective. Those who have any inquiries on the status of their land matters can contact the following offices directly:

1. Encik Abd. Nasir bin Hassan
State Director of Land and Mines
Tel: 03- 55447801

2. Puan Zabidah binti Awang
State Deputy Director of Land and Mines
Tel: 03- 55447803

3. Tuan Zulkepli bin Ahmad
Petaling District Officer
Tel: 03-56342020

4. Tuan Bakhtiar bin Hussin
Klang District Officer
Tel: 03-33718030

5. Tuan Nor Hisham bin Ahmad Dahlan
Hulu Selangor District Officer
Tel: 03-60641258

6. Tuan Huzaini bin Samsi
Gombak District Officer
Tel: 03-61311018

7. Tuan Zainal Abidin bin A’ala
Hulu Langat District Officer
Tel: 03-89251988

8.Tuan Mohd Amin bin Ahmad Ahya
Sepang District Officer
Tel: 03-87061001

9. Tuan Asmawi bin Kasbi
Kuala Langat District Officer
Tel: 03-31871225

10. Tuan Haji Ab. Malek bin Haji Mohd. Amin
Kuala Selangor District Officer
Tel: 03-32891355

11. Tuan Marzuki bin Hussin
Sabak Bernam District Officer
Tel: 03-32241970



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