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CAP: Make management bodies responsible for tanks
14/01/2008 The Star

CAP president S.M. Mohamed Idris said this is because there was no law in Malaysia that compelled management bodies of high-rise buildings to be responsible for the maintenance of the internal water supply from the meter to the tap.

“Water storage tanks in these buildings may not have been inspected for years. There is thus a high risk for bacterial and chemical contamination in such tanks, posing a health risk to consumers,” he said.

Mohamed Idris said it was high time the Water Services Industry Act was amended to make the management bodies responsible for the maintenance of water storage tanks in their respective premises.

“Only licensed water service operators should carry out tank maintenance and cleaning jobs,” he told a press conference recently.

He said Singapore had imposed strict regulations under its public utilities regulations to ensure clean water supply for consumers.

“In Singapore, building owners, management corporations and town councils are legally compelled to engage licensed plumbers to inspect water storage tanks once a year.

“When the need arises, the tanks are cleaned and disinfected,” said Mohamed Idris adding that Malaysia should follow Singapore's example.

CAP will be submitting reports to Health Ministry, local government agencies and the National Water Service Commission to highlight the matter, he said.


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