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Settle dues, defaulters told
21/05/2007 The Star By Koay Shiann Huah

The low medium-cost flats management urged the defaulters to settle their maintenance arrears totalling RM37,000 to have power supply restored.

Its manager Ismail Ibrahim said power supply was disconnected five days ago resulting in the disruption of lift services.

The streets there were not lighted up because of the power disruption, he said.

“About 80% out of the 60 households refused to pay up the monthly maintenance fee which amounted to about RM 37,000.

“As a result, the management has no money to pay up the bills,” he told a press conference called by Sungai Pinang assemblyman Looi Swee Cheang on Saturday.

Long list:Residents of Villa Emas Ewani checking the list of names of unit owners who failed to settle their maintenance fees.

When visiting the flat, Looi urged the defaulters to pay up their arrears as soon as possible.

“The management cannot maintain the facilities if there is a lack of funds. Ultimately, you are the ones who have to put up with poor facilities,” he said.

As a temporary measure, Looi advised the management to apply for the sinking fund from the developer to pay up the dues to restore power supply.

He also urged the management to report the matter to the Commissioner of Building so that they could take action against defaulters.


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