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Worry over security
16/01/2007 The Star DISTRESSED, Penang.

THIS is the second time I am writing on behalf of all the local residents of Taman Terubong Indah (better known as Majestic Heights-Phase 1).

There has been an increasing number of foreign workers staying there and we are worried for our security.

Factories seemed to have found a haven to place their foreign workers at a cheap rate but at the expense of the locals staying there.

At rush hours, can you imagine us taking 20 minutes to get to the ground floor from the 23rd floor.

It takes so long because the foreign workers would hold on to the elevators just to wait for their friends to get in.

We also have to cramp with 10 to 12 of the foreigners in the lift which was meant for only 10 people.

We are also worried about the safety of our wives and daughters sharing the same elevator with more than 10 foreign workers especially at night.

We have to put up with such a predicament daily. As for taking the stairs instead, the foreigners have turned the stairways into their love nests.

I hope someone can tell me if there is a provision in the law to prohibit apartments and flats from being turned into a hostel for workers.


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