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Window frame hits car
08/01/2007 The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: It is normal for residents of Desa Dua Apartment in Kepong to find rubbish, cigarette butts and other odd objects on their cars. 

These are usually thrown out of the apartments by not so civic-minded residents. So far no serious damage has occurred. 

Point of origin: Jayamalini showing where the window frame might have fallen off yesterday.

However, G. Jayamalini, 30, discovered an unusual item on her Proton Wira yesterday. 

It was a window frame. 

“I looked out the window and was shocked to see a lot of people surrounding my car,” she said, adding that she had heard a loud sound at 8.30am. 

“I rushed down and found a broken window frame on my car with the windscreen smashed. There are also scratches on the bonnet,” she said. 

Jayamalini, a receptionist, suspected that the object had fallen from a unit on the sixth floor, two levels below hers, as it was the only one without a window frame. 

However, she said some foreign workers staying there denied that the fallen frame was theirs. 

“It is normal to find lighted cigarette butts, strange liquid, rubbish and others on or near our cars, but this time it is just too big, dangerous and damaging.” 

Jayamalini said she could only report the incident to the apartment management when its office opens today.  


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