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Soil erosion has residents worried
24/01/2007 The Star

Several complaints have been made since soil erosion began in June last year at Taman Megah, Cheras, but the authorities have not taken any action.  

“It was raining heavily and slowly the floor started to crack. We stood and watched as the floor separated from the side wall,” explained Wai Seak Yeum. 

“This is the second time it has happened. The same thing happened about 10 years ago in front of the house,” she added.  

According to Wai, the tenant moved out immediately and the house has been empty since. 

“The floor collapsed and it affected the pipe line that connects to the drain. When it rains, the drain will be clogged with rubbish and the water will not flow.  

Yawning gap: Residents having a closer look at the effects of the erosion.

“Stagnant water will the lead to mosquitoes breeding,” complained Wai. 

The low-cost housing area was developed by Hong Leong Group Malaysia but, when approached by the residents, Hong Leong Group representatives said the land had been sold to a private company that would be in charge of repairs. 

“It is a danger to other houses if action is not taken. Sooner or later, the houses will collapse because they are connected,” said Serdang MP Datuk Yap Pian Hon. 

During a recent meeting with the residents in January, Yap was informed of the problem. Due to concerns about hygiene as well, a letter of complain was sent to Majlis Perbandaran Kajang asking them to build a retaining wall temporarily before further investigation. 

“The wall is needed to maintain the wall and to avoid more cracks. After building it, they can investigate and, hopefully, the repairs will start soon,” added Yap.  

“Drainage is also affected. Drains in the area are all connected and face the same problem every time it rains.  

“After making countless complaints, we have yet to receive any response,” said Wai.  

The house owners, an elderly couple, have given up hope on the house. 

The residents hope that immediate action will be taken, as they are concerned about their safety and health.  


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