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Sleepless nights after landslide
19/01/2007 The Star
Cracking: A picture taken two months ago shows the wall beginning to crack and weaken.

CHIAM Hock Seng bought his house last year at Bandar Country Homes in Rawang on top of a hill to ensure that he is not affected by floods.  

However, a landslide that happened two months ago caused his retention wall to collapse and his house is now flooded each time there is a heavy downpour. 

The landslide affected three houses – No 13, No 11 and No 9 – at Jalan 13/7 in Bandar Country Homes due to heavy downpours over the last two months. 

Site visit: Tang (centre) and MPS councillors Choong Kong Yoong (right) and Teoh Chai Har having a look at the damage.

Chiam has been having sleepless nights since then, wondering if a landslide will come crashing in through their kitchen. 

Rock garden: Yap showing the stones that have been dumped in her compound by the landslide.

Chiam’s wife Yap Bee Choo saw cracks on the retention wall on Nov 4.  

“Then, on Jan 6, the wall, stones and sand came crashing into my compound. The next day, plastic sheets were put on the affected area. 

“Although the authorities have placed plastic sheets, my compound is flooded each time it rains. 

“Because of this, I have placed some bricks at the remaining section of the retention wall to prevent any more soil and stone from being washed away. I hope this matter will be solved immediately,” said Yap, who is mother of three. 

Recently, Rawang assemblyman Datuk Tang See Hang visited the site with MPS secretary Jamri Basni, MPS officers and councillors. 

Tang said he is waiting for a report from the Public Works Institute of Malaysia (Ikram) on Jan 15 before deciding on the issue.  


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