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No more floods, residents told
27/01/2007 The Star By Elan Perumal

RESIDENTS of Taman TTDI Jaya in Shah Alam have been assured that their houses will not be flooded again.

The TTDI Jaya Residents’ Association and developer, TTDI Development Sdn Bhd, made the promise based on the various flood mitigation works carried out by the Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) and the developer.

River check: Jabar (right) and MBSA engineer Haniff Basree checking the embankment at Taman TTDI Jaya.
“A lot has been done since last year’s massive flood and we are confident that our neighbourhood will not flood again.

“The residents can sleep easy without having to worry about facing another flood,” said association chairman Abdul Jabar Kasim

Jabar said the existing embankment along Sungai Damansara at TTDI Jaya had been raised by one metre from 8.5m earlier.

He said the embankment covered the whole 3km stretch of the river.

“The whole of Shah Alam will be flooded if water goes above the height of the embankment now,” he said during a visit by the developer and MBSA representatives to the area following the news reports in StarMetro that residents were haunted by memories of the flood.

Jabar said the DID had installed three manual pumps in the area and would be spending RM2.3mil for a new automatic high-powered pump to be commissioned by the middle of this year.

“DID has directed developers around TTDI Jaya such as Perwira Holdings Sdn Bhd and Guthrie Properties Sdn Bhd to carry out flood mitigation works to prevent water from their areas entering TTDI Jaya.

“Perwira will be carrying out widening and desilting works on Sungai Damansara and Sungai Kuning while Guthrie has built an earth bund to prevent rain water from the Guthrie Industrial Area from flowing into our housing estate,” he said

As for the TTDI Jaya developer, Jabar said they had funded the whole cost of creating a new retention pond at a 0.4ha site, which complements two existing ones built by the developer.

“They have built a 130m-long reinforced concrete wall behind Ilham Apartments at a cost of RM700,000 ,” he said

With all these actions, TTDI Development general manager Mohamad Zahari Harun said it was impossible for the area to flood.

“Everything has been checked and we are being protected by walls and bunds to prevent water from flowing into TTDI Jaya and water from the river overflowing.

“We have seen the worst and I think TTDI Jaya residents can lead a normal life from now onwards” he added.


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