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Mixed reaction to strata titles
16/01/2007 The Star

OWNERS of the PKNS flats units in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, are finally on their way to obtaining their strata titles - some 40 years after the flats were built.

“I am so pleased to announce that you will finally be receiving your strata titles,” announced Bukit Gasing assemblyman Datuk Dr Lim Thuang Seng during a New Year dinner with residents at the MBPJ community hall in Section 17/1A.

With the exception of homeowners from blocks Q, R and S, the rest are required to first fill out necessary forms for transference of ownership on Jan 20.

“On that day, residents can take the opportunity to present their queries and talk to PKNS officers,” said Dr Lim.

The announcement, ironically, was received with mixed feelings.

“Our concern is why give it (strata titles) to us now when the place is beginning to be run down?” questioned Mokhtar Yaakub, who lamented about the condition of the stairways, lights and piping.

Mokhtar is chairman of the PKNS flats (16 blocks) RA, and has been a resident there for more than 30 years.

“Nevertheless, we are thankful for the strata titles, but there is a group of residents who feel otherwise,” he said.

The chief reason for this reluctance is the additional costs.

Residents have been paying monthly maintenance of only RM15 from the time the flats were built in the 60s, but with PKNS turning over the flats to the owners, maintenance costs will escalate in the long term.

Homeowners will also be required to cough up payment for various fees to obtain the strata titles, and the amount ranges from RM650 to RM960, said Dr Lim.

“Meanwhile, I will try to expedite the application for strata titles for blocks A, B, C and I,” he said.

Homeowners requested to fill up the necessary forms at the MBPJ community hall in Section 17/1A from 2pm to 5pm on Jan 20. They should bring along a photocopy of their MyKad (and the original), and photocopies (one each) of the S&P agreement letter, bank loan agreement letter, and assessment receipt for 2006.


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