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Delivery system: National trust agency lets down beneficiaries
22/01/2007 NST 2007
Y.H., Kuala Lumpur

I AGREE with Tunku Yusof Jewa’s complaint about Amanah Raya Berhad’s attitude ("Endless wait to get the job done" — NST, Jan 18). I am a beneficiary of my father’s estate, which was handled by the Kuala Lumpur branch.

My father passed away in December 1999 and Amanah Raya was appointed to administer the estate in April 2000.

The beneficiaries were made to wait more than five years before a settlement could be reached in 2005.

During that time, the beneficiaries have had to deal with substandard service — from the executives to the managing directors.

Beneficiaries had to write, call, monitor and literally breathe down Amanah Raya’s neck to get the job done.

For example, the petition to obtain the Letter of Administration was only made in 2002, two years after the file was opened.

In spite of the delay in submission, Amanah Raya failed to even attend the hearing at the KL High Court.

It then took another year to resubmit the petition!

As the national trust agency, Amanah Raya has failed to uphold the amanah (trust) entrusted upon it by the beneficiaries in the administration of my late father’s estate.

I am sure there are many more similar complaints against Amanah Raya.


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