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Buyers up in arms over late delivery and compensation
08/01/2007 The Star

APARTMENT buyers of Block F, Flora Damansara, in Bandar Damansara Perdana are unhappy with the developer over several issues, including late delivery of vacant possession and delay in compensation for their apartments. 

They recently held a meeting with several representatives from the developer Saujana Triangle Sdn Bhd, a member of MK Land Holdings Berhad. Present as mediator was Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Yong Dai Ying. 

A number of Block F buyers have yet to receive the keys to their units and compensation for late delivery. 

These buyers, and those from the other apartment blocks at Flora Damansara, also raised several issues regarding the security, building structure, and state of common facilities at their blocks. 

Clearing the air: (From left) Fatimah, Yong and Ho informing reporters of the outcome of the meeting between the apartment buyers and the developer.

There are over 600 apartment units in Block F, and over 3,000 units at Flora Damansara. Blocks A, B, and D are low-cost apartments while Blocks E, F, and H are medium-cost apartments. 

“This is our second attempt, with Yong’s help, to meet with the developer. Our attempt to hold the first meeting on Dec 9 was ignored despite our early notice to them,” said Block F president Ho Fook Chuan. 

During the closed-door meeting, the buyers voiced their problems while the developer’s representatives attempted to address as many issues as possible. 

“I’m happy that we’ve solved most of the problems,” said Yong when briefing the media on the outcome of the meeting. 

“Saujana Triangle will pay the Block F buyers their liquidated damages in full for their apartment units, as per the sales and purchase (S&P) agreement.” 

MK Land Holdings Berhad senior general manager Fatimah Wahab said, “We will look into the terms of payment for the other issues like parking, renovation, and common facilities, and get back to the buyers on Monday.” 

She said the late delivery of 20 months was due to the issues Saujana Triangle had with its main contractor. 

According to Ho, the developer was supposed to settle the compensation immediately upon vacant possession. 

“The residents of Flora Damansara will be forming a Pre-Management Corporation (PMC) headed by Ho to act as a liaison between the residents and the developer,” said Yong. 

Unhappy lot: Flora Damansara apartment buyers gathering at the office of Saujana Triangle Sdn Bhd before the meeting.

“This pro-tem committee will act as the liaison until the residents get the full strata title for their apartments and form their own permanent committee.” 

“The committee will meet up with the developer’s management every two weeks to rectify issues of the whole Flora Damansara community,” said Ho. 

Yong added that the developer’s management would hold a weekly Wednesday meeting from next week onwards as an avenue for the purchasers to talk to a task force set up by Saujana Triangle. 

“This weekly meeting is open to all residents and provides a platform for them to talk about the issues they’re facing as individual purchasers,” she said. 

Ho said, “We also want the keys to our apartments to be handed over to us immediately upon us paying the maintenance fees. 

“They previously handed the keys in batches (about 15 a day), but they’ve promised to hand over all the keys after today’s meeting. 

“We want to move into our respective apartments within one month from the date of defect rectification and submission of our units, and the developers have promised that they’ll do the necessary rectifications within two weeks.” 


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