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Abandoned for 15 years
1901/2007 The Star

AN ABANDONED house in Taman Klang Jaya in Klang is causing retiree Adrian Lawrence and his family sleepless nights. 

Lawrence, 67, is feeling sick and tired of the consequences of staying next to a house that has been left abandoned for about 15 years. 

Neglected by the house owner, he said the premise resembled a pre-war building. 

“Items such as doors, windows, glass panels and all that can be removed have been dismantled by drug addicts. 

Dengue threat: Parts of the house filled with stagnant water after the roof collapsed recently.

“The roof of the house collapsed recently due to termites and the condition of the building is deteriorating over time,'' said the former supervisor. 

Lawrence said the roof of his house was damaged when the neighbour's collapsed and he had to spend a substantial amount of money on repairs. 

Without the roof, he said the abandoned house appeared bare and the side wall of his house was left exposed to rain and sun. 

“I informed the Klang Municipal Council when the roof collapsed and their workers cleared the debris from the house.  

“Rain water is stagnant at some parts of the house, including one of the bedrooms, while drug addicts use the place as a temporary shelter, especially during the wee hours. 

“I have been having sleepless nights and am forced to stay alert to ensure we are safe,'' he said, adding that he had been regularly paying workers to cut grass at his neighbour's house. 

Lawrence, who has been staying there for 24 years, said the house owner should be taken to court by the council as he had not paid assessment bills amounting to some RM10,000. 

“The council cannot allow this to go on as the situation is affecting our lives,'' he added.


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