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Stalled project leaves housebuyers fuming
The Malay Mail 23/2/2006 Najiah Najib and Halim Said


Purchasers of Lagoon Perdana apartments in Bandar Sunway say they are fed up of paying money every month for a ‘phantom’ property.

Phillip Ooi said he is still paying monthly interest on his loans for two of the apartments but construction stopped two years ago.

“I bought two units. The first unit was supposed to have been delivered in 2003, but nothing happened. And it looks like the second unit, which is due this year, will be delayed as well,” he said.

Ooi said he wrote to the developer in October 2003, about the delayed delivery, but has not received a reply.

“The project is only half-completed. Only the first phase was completed and delivered.

“The developer, Tenaga Gagah Sdn Bhd, which is part of the Talam Group, seems to have stopped construction of the other phases,” he said.

Another buyer, Anthony Boudville, 46, said when he bought a unit at ‘Hamptonville’ in 2002, he was promised delivery by Feb 24, 2005.

“I have been paying a RM250 monthly interest for the ‘phantom’ property for the last one-and-a-half years,” he said.

He added that no one is answering the developer’s phones.

“The buyers are clueless about the status of the project. If the project has been stalled or cancelled for some reason, shouldn't we be informed?”

“I feel victimised by the errant developer who failed to update us on the status of the project. I hope the Selangor housing department can help us resolve this matter,” said Boudville.

When contacted, a customer service officer from Talam Group said the project was no longer Talam’s responsibility because Tenaga Gagah was sold to another company in December 2005.

Another Talam official said Tenaga Gagah had moved to another address in Pandan Indah and was under a new management — Honest Prestige Sdn Bhd.

He said the new owners will contact the housebuyers, including those who bought Lagoon Perdana apartments, in two weeks.

The company’s new office was under renovation when The Malay Mail visited the new address.

The office lot was refurbished and a few office tables were seen piled up at the corner wall.

All enquiries at the office were re-directed to the Talam Group management.

However, Talam Group officials denied any responsibility for queries regarding Tenaga Gagah. Workers in neighbouring offices said Tenaga Gagah’s new office was rented two months ago but it is not operational yet.


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