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HBA, will you be my big brother?

25/02/2006 NST-PROP


The HBA responds ....


We at the National House Buyers Association (HBA) wish to thank the public for the encouraging vote of confidence. As an association made up of volunteers, it is certainly gratifying and heart-warming to know that we are viewed in such positive light and that our efforts to work for the best interest of buyers have been recognised.


However, HBA in its current state is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation beholden to none and we receive no benefit from the Government or from any other party. In this form, we are able to maintain our independence and champion the rights of buyers without fear or favour.


By  institutionalising the association, HBA would be viewed as part of the governmental system, which will likely cause us to lose our focus and objectivity as well as interfere with our sense of independence and fair play.


We believe the best way to protect buyers from exploitation is through our active and aggressive defence of their interest in our current form: Driven by passion and on a voluntary basis manned by unpaid personnel with the full support of the press as well as like-minded professionals who are willing to participate in our objective of ensuring justice for buyers.


Among the fruits of our efforts is the Tribunal for Homebuyers Claims and the upholding of awards to aggrieved buyers made by it. This was made possible by our panel of volunteer lawyers, working with the Attorney-General.


The point is that buyers are already empowered through the HBA, without the association having to be institutionalised.


Chang Kim Loong,




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