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Responsibility for mishaps
The Star 17/1/2006

THE relevant authorities in Perak must carry out in-depth studies before approving housing projects, particularly those located on hilly areas. 

State Consumer Affairs and Unity Committee chairman Datuk G. Rajoo said neglect on their part could cause mishaps and loss of lives. 

Rajoo was asked to comment on the recent landslide which damaged three houses in Taman Pusing Indah in Pusing on Jan 7. 

“In this case, who should be held responsible? The local council or developer? It was lucky that no lives were lost in this incident,” he said. 

HOPE THIS HELPS:Rajoo presenting the aid to F.Helan Flora,daughter-in-law of Manikam(centre).

He was presenting cash aid from the state MIC to two families who were among the victims of the landslide. 

Rajoo said he would help the families to get new terrace houses or housing lots in Buntong. 

In the meantime, he said, he would ask the Kinta district office to allow them to stay at government quarters until they find alternative homes. 

Relating the landslide incident, K. Manikan, 49, said he was resting at home with his wife when they heard a loud explosion at 3.14pm. 

He and his wife M. Indrani went out to investigate and saw a TNB pole in front of their house tilting. 

“We quickly grabbed our son and ran out of the house just in time to see the road in front of out house cave in while our neighbour’s house plunged downhill,” said the former plumber.  



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