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Residents worry about safety after landslide
The Star 17/1/2006

RESIDENTS of Taman Indah Phase Two in Batu Gajah, Perak, are concerned about their safety after a landslide occurred at a nearby housing estate which is under construction. 

A resident, who declined to be named, said the land-slide occurred recently after a downpour. 

“We are concerned that the retaining wall of the nearby housing estate will collapse if nothing is done to prevent another landslide,” he said last Wednesday after a visit by Kinta Barat District Council (MDKB) councillor Martin Sebastian. 

He said soil from the landslide had been washed into a nearby river which residents fear might burst its banks during a downpour due to the silt which had made the river narrower and shallower. 

FLOODING THREAT:Soil being washed down into the river


The housing estate under construction is located on a hilly area while Taman Indah Phase Two is located below it. 

The resident said their houses might be flooded if another landslide occurred. 

Thick plastic sheets could be seen covering the slope where the landslide occurred. 

Martin said he would raise the matter at the next council meeting to help solve the problem.  


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