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Listen and act on residents' grouses
NST 16/1/2006

THE landslide at the Taman Pusing Indah housing project (NST, Jan 8) is but one indication of the problems plaguing Ipoh city.

To say that it was a problematic project from the start is no consolation to the house-buyers.

And to make matters worse, the Menteri Besar has claimed that the project had to be approved and certificates of fitness issued because of pressure from developers, politicians and buyers. In that case, why bother to have building and safety guidelines?

In fact, the state of affairs in Ipoh is no better.

Residents are increasingly fed up with the city council.

Despite imposing among the highest assessment rates and parking fines in the country, the city council was reported to have been in the red some years ago. Yet the councillors are going on study trips.

These taxpayer-financed jaunts will not make Ipoh a better place to live in.

Neither have the numerous city restructuring plans.

All the local authorities have to do is listen to what Ipoh residents have to say and act on that.

Take note of all the bad roads and uncollected garbage, overgrown grass, clogged drains and needless destruction of greenery in a city that suffers from a dearth of parks. Look at the indiscriminate closure of roads for pasar malam.

Use the money meant for "study trips" to get more trucks and more workers.

Basic cleanliness and proper sanitation should take precedence over needless beautification.

City councillors should also make up their minds about their jobs. If you are holding two jobs and don't have the time to be a councillor, resign and stop organising trips.



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