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‘We are sick of the floods in TTDI Jaya’
26/10/2006 The Star

LOOKS like the massive flood that hit TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam, in February had not paved the way for a foolproof method to prevent future floods from occurring.  

Residents say that despite water retention ponds and the installation of a house pump meant to automatically channel excess water into Sungai Damansara, the floods still occur. 

(From left) Justin Koey Kok Tiong, 12, his brother Bendict Koey Kok Kiong, 10, and their cousin Loh Kuan Ming, 9, wading through the floodwaters back to their home at TTDI Jaya in Shah Alam.

The house pump is installed at high-rise apartments nearby.  

During the festive week alone, minor flooding had occurred twice – the first on Deepavali eve and the most recent on Hari Raya eve. 

Fortunately, the waters receded fast and the neighbourhood was quiet as most have left for their hometowns for the festive season.  

“Sometimes – like today (Monday) – the pump doesn’t work,” complained Lai Chooi Meng, a resident of TTDI Jaya for the last 10 years. According to her, the waters had risen to about knee-length following the heavy downpour that evening. 

“There were two occasions when the guy who held the key to the pump could not be found, while another time, it did not work anyway because there was no gasoline.  

“This (Monday) evening, when my husband and an RA committee member tried to start the pump, it did not work either. The flooding has been going on since I moved in, and despite the installation of the pump, the problem still persists,” said Lai. “We're very tired of this.”  

In the previous flood on Feb 26, residents forked out thousands of ringgit to restore their homes and cars.  

Residents are tired of having to clean up their driveways of the debris brought in by floodwaters every time there is a downpour.  

“We live in trepidation – we don’t know how far the water will come in, and some of us dare not go for holidays because there is always the fear of a flood. There must be an effective method to counter this problem,” Lai continued.  

StarMetro was unable to get comments from the Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) and Selangor Infrastructure and Public Utilities Committee chairman Datuk Fatah Iskandar as it was the festive period.  


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