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Stop the abuse of power
27/10/2006 The  Star DR M.A. NAIR,  Bandar Muadzam Shah.

POLITICIANS who have positions in the governing of the country should lead by showing good examples to the people.

Those who contravene the trust given to them and feel that they are above the law should be rebuked.

A few bad hats have tarnished the good name of politicians in the country of late.

First was the non-payment of traffic fines. Despite the fact that they themselves sermonise the people not do things against the law, some were admonished by the police for not having settled their fines.

Hopefully by now they have all settled their fines and have set a good example for other offenders to do the same.

There was a Member of Parliament who had a tiff with the Customs Department for reasons best known to him.

It went on for quite a while until they were asked to put a stop to it.

When politicians and those in power are involved in business, there would always be a conflict of interest when it comes to dealing with government agencies. The showdown is often due to the exertion of power.

The cloning of APs came under the spotlight when it was alleged that some APs given to a senator were cloned to unjustly bring more cars into the country.

Another controversy revolves around a state assemblyman and municipal councillor who was alleged to have built a mansion without official approval.

It was reported that at least one other councillor was in the same boat – who when reprimanded, implicated others as well by saying that “others are also doing it”.

These could just be the tip of the iceberg and show there is no accountability on the part of some individuals who have been given the power in society.

This is an unhealthy trend in a democracy.

Are we practising the same standard when it comes to the payment of assessment rates, quit rents and other chores dealing with the Government?

It should not be double standard when it comes to enforcing the law between those in power and the ordinary citizens.

We have seen many buildings and stalls being torn down by the municipal council when they are not erected with prior approval.

Tenants and owners have been reprimanded and sent letters of warning when they fail to pay up the assessment fees in time.

They are duly fined when the payment is late.

Politics and power should not be made the vehicle to sate one’s desire to get things accomplished by defying the law.

The Government should look into these matters to see that no one is above the law and those unprincipled duly brought to justice.


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