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Direct way to file complaints
29/10/2006 Sunday Star By V.P. SUJATA

PUTRAJAYA: It is now easier for the public to contact the complaints section of government agencies directly, thanks to the updated website of the Public Complaints Bureau.

The website now has the helpline numbers for over 40 agencies including the police, hospitals, local authorities, banks, fire brigade, Suhakam, Tenaga Nasional Bhd, Employees Provident Fund, Socso, Department of Environment and the National Registration Department.

The additional features in the website, the brainchild of the bureau’s new director-general Dr Chua Hong Teck, will be updated from time to time.

“The public normally finds it difficult to get the correct numbers to make complaints or seek help for their problems,” Dr Chua said.

“With these helpline numbers, it will be easier for complainants because going through the TM operator will only get you the general line, not the complaints section.”

He said the website, www., was now very user-friendly and with only three clicks of the mouse one would be able to get straight into the page with a complaints form.

“A reference number will be given and the complainant can check the status of his complaint with just another three clicks of the mouse,” he added.

“We are very transparent. Complainants have access to all the correspondences made with the departments. We have nothing to hide.”

He added that he was disappointed that many people did not know about the service provided by the bureau, which falls under the Prime Minister’s Department.

He said letters to the bureau could be sent to P.O. Box 9000, Kuala Lumpur. Postage is free.

Dr Chua also urged the public not to be afraid to complain as it was a form of feedback that would allow the targeted department to improve its service.

He said that, however, Malaysians were not very keen to make complaints as they see it as a negative act.

He suggested that the willingness to make complaints be inculcated in children as they should know their rights as consumers.


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