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Hear our pleas on housing project delays
10/11/2005 The Sun

MY wife purchased a medium cost apartment a few years back. According to the sale and purchase agreement, the date of completion for the apartment block was September 2003. To date we have not received any updates from the developer on the late delivery or the status of the property.

To date, 80% of the loan has been released to the developer, which means that we are servicing the interest on 80% of the loan amount to the bank. On top of that we still have to pay rental for our current rented home. To make matters more frustrating, the developer just ignores to our queries regarding the project.

The Rakyat has always put in so much of trust and hope in the Government and I guess that it is about time that this matter is looked upon very seriously by the Prime Minister's Department. Why are developers given a free hand to dictate terms instead being regulated by the Housing Ministry? Is the government really so helpless?

Last but not least, this mail was written in despair but with the hope that all those concerned will become aware of our plight and perhaps, God willing, might even hear of our humble pleas for help. There is no point of promoting "Malaysia Boleh" if even small matters like this cannot be resolved.

Sunny Boy Kuala Lumpur


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