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Residents seek end to stinking problem
17/01/2005 The Star

RESIDENTS of Medan Idaman Gombak are losing their heads from the overpowering stench emanating from a nearby sewage treatment plant.  

According to Idaman Putra Condominium Residents’ Association chairman Albert Lee, residents of the 408-unit Idaman Putra Condominium are the worst hit, as the condo is right next to the plant.  

“This problem has been going on for the last four years and the last three to four months have been terrible,” Lee said. 

He added that numerous complaints to developer Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. 

“We've given them the opportunity to improve, but after two rounds of repairs, the smell is still there. How can that be?” he asked.  

According to residents, Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) refused to take over the management of the plant because it did not meet required specifications. They also complained that only one of the two septic tanks at the plant was functional .  

Drainage and Irrigation Department (JPP) assistant associate director Mohd Jalaludin confirmed this and said there was not enough aeration and that the stench emanated from sludge trapped in the tank.  

Federal Territories Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Yew Teong Look, who mediated a meeting between the residents, JPP and the developer last Thursday, was disappointed with the lackadaisical approach the developer had towards the issue.  

“The sewage system must be able to handle the sewage needs of the residents. For us laymen, the technicalities do not matter. If the smell persists, it means the plant is not up to specifications,” said Yew, who also urged the developer to rectify the problem.  

Medan Idaman Sdn Bhd project engineer Tony Ng said they were in the midst of upgrading to achieve 50% aeration rate to address the stench problem.  

“We will monitor the situation. We are also looking into de-sludging as a short term measure, and will be engaging a tanker from IWK to suck out the active sludge,” said Ng.  

Yew requested that the JPP meet with the developer and produce a full report with recommendations on how to tackle the situation to be presented in the next meeting with the residents on Jan 28. 

“Please provide recommendations on the areas that need upgrading. I will inform DBKL to ensure that the plant is able to cater to the upcoming blocks at Medan Idaman or else CFs will not be issued,” said Yew.  


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