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No phone lines in Bandar Botanic
15/01/2005 The  Star Story and photo by ELAN PERUMAL

RESIDENTS of Bandar Botanic in Klang have urged Telekom Malaysia to speed up its efforts to provide the township with permanent telephone lines. 

Bandar Botanic Residents Association pro tem secretary K. Subramaniam said it had been a year since the developer Harum Intisari Sdn Bhd handed over the first batch of houses and since then about 2,000 properties had been completed and delivered to the owners, yet there were no telephone lines. 

“The developer told us that they had done their part by laying the internal cables and it was Telekom that failed to connect the township with its distribution centre,” he said during a meeting between the residents association, developer, Telekom and Klang MP Datin Paduka Dr Tan Yee Kew. 

Subramaniam, who handed 50 telephone application forms to Telekom head of sales and consumers division Halimatunsaadiah A. Hussin, said the other residents had sent in their applications individually. 

However, he said, the applications had been turned down due to the lack of permanent lines in the township. 

Halimatunsaadiah said the township could be provided with permanent telephone lines by September. 

As a temporary measure, Dr Tan said Telekom was offering cordless phones for the benefit of the Bandar Botanic residents. The phones are provided under the CDMA system for temporary connection. 


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