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Interest of residents must come first
22/01/2005 The Star

I WISH to refer to the report ‘Close down disco, MB urged’ (The Star, Jan 20) in which residents of Jalan Landak in Taman Century, Johor Baru, have had to endure music played loudly until 6am almost every day for the last 10 years.

According to the report, the residents had complained to the relevant authorities in vain.

I agree with those very patient residents that discos should never be allowed to operate in a residential area, the reasons being obvious.

It is not too much to consider it a negligence on the part of the relevant authorities for not taking action to alleviate the ‘up to 6am torture’ the residents of Taman Century have to endure.

Moreover, is there no such rule or regulation regarding the operation of places which can be a nuisance to the residents?

It is time the government takes an interest in what the heads of the various government departments or local authorities allow businesses and developers to operate in housing estates. This is so because very often we read, hear or know of such grievances.

Some time ago, we read of a factory operating in a housing estate. We have developers building double-story houses beside single-story ones.

There was a developer who was permitted to use part of the residents’ field to be turned into a road so that he could build houses on the then existing temporary road. A field was allowed to be cemented and turned into a permanent morning market place.

Although residents have lodged complaints, arrogance on the part of these authorities did not deem such complaints important enough to warrant any reply. Even letters to the Complaints Bureau has not been of any help.

Therefore, it is time for the government to monitor the activities of local authorities and take appropriate action whenever complaints are made against government bodies which do not look into the plight of citizens.


Sungai Petani.
(via e-mail)

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