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Don't sign anything with developer, villagers told
The Star 7/1/2005

THE 400 squatter families in Kampung Chim Lee, Kepong, have been urged to be united and not to sign any agreement with the developer of the village until certain conditions have been met.

The village's relocation committee secretary, Go Kim Peng, said that apart from the developer, Rimbunan Melati's proposal that they take up an offer for low-cost flats without signing a Sales and Purchase agreement, other conditions had been agreed upon during a meeting between the developer and the committee at a meeting in October.

He said the developer should not send anyone to the village to influence the squatters to take up the offer as soon as possible.

"We hope the villagers will not sign any other agreement with the developer.

"We must only follow agreements made between the relocation committee and developer," he said during a peaceful protest at the village on Sunday.

Kepong MCA public service and government affairs bureau chairman Yee Poh Ping, said  there might be residents who were tempted by rumours of such offers but he hoped that  they would not sign anything yet.

"We must stay united and not sign anything with the developer personally, " he said. Yee said the committee had been set up to handle the relocation issue and residents should call the committee members if they were approached with such offers.

Resident K. Jayaraman, 45, said he had no objections to the other conditions such as a 30% discount for the RM42,OOO flats and free rental at the Taman lntan Baiduri low-cost flats during the development period.

However, he said he wanted to sign a S&P to safeguard his interest. A spokesman from Rimbunan Melati refuted claims that the company had sent anyone to the village to influence the residents.

"From day one, we have been complying with the conditions such as the 30% discount and free rental during their stay at the Taman lntan Baiduri PPR.

"We have changed our plans from medium-cost to low-cost apartments to suit their demand for low-cost units. "But we cannot sign S&P with them yet because we have many stages to go through, including approval for building plans and the sales and advertising permit from the Housing and Local Government Ministry.

"We want them to sign a settlement agreement while we start the development," he said.

He said the drafting of the S&P would take some time as the developer would have to at least obtain the sales and advertising permit to be ready for the S&P.

"I would like to sign the S&P but the law does not allow it," he said, adding that the settlement agreement would guarantee them flats.

The proposed development consists of 150 shop offices, 800 houses and low- and medium-cost apartments.

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