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Estana Court buyers in a quandary over their properties

28/07/2003 MM By Fadhal Ilahi Abd Ghani

BUYERS of Estana Court Condominium in Hulu Kelang fear they may never occupy their properties because of the financial difficulties of the developer, Kumpulan Promista Development Sdn Bhd.

Yesterday, representatives of the 180 buyers of the Estana Court Condominium Buyers Committee (ECCBC) held a meeting to discuss their plight.

Committee member Ani Hashim said their fear arose following a bankruptcy notice issued by the Shah Alam Court to Kumpulan Promista Development.

"I bought a unit which cost RM98,000 in 1995 and it was to be ready in 1998 but only one-third is completed," said Ani.

The units are priced from RM86,000 - according to the floor and block they are located.

She said the developer had scaled down the project from a three-block condominium to that of an apartment with fewer facilities.

Ani claimed that this was done without even informing the buyers.

"The developer owes all of us a substantial sum in late delivery charges. But we have started making payments on our loans."

She said the developer had met with the Housing Ministry and promised to submit the application for the certificate of fitness to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

"Now that the developer had been declared bankrupt, they don't have the right to do anything," said Ani.

HBA secretary-general Chang Kim Loong said they had been informed that the developer had been declared a bankrupt.

HBA said that Syarikat Perumahan Negara (SPN) should take over the project.

"If SPN took over the project, buyers will enjoy fast track approval and certificate of fitness will be delivered faster," said Chang.

Victims can contact ECCBC by email


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