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House buyers: Declare project abandoned

24/07/2002 The Star By Sira Habibu

The stalled Taman Widuri Housing Project action committee wants the authorities to officially declare the project in Sungai Duri abandoned.

Its chairman Lionell L. Joeshua said banks would continue making progress payment to the developer because there is no official declaration that the project is abandoned.

Lionell said the matter warranted urgent attention because the Phase Two house buyers were burdened with servicing their loan and interest. The project was launched in 1997 and was supposed to have been completed two years ago.

“The developer is only focusing on building the school, which is now 80% complete at the moment. There is no progress where the low cost houses in the area is concerned,’’ he said, adding that in the meantime, buyers have to continue servicing loans and interest as the ongoing school project gives the notion that the project is on-going.

“At the rate the school is being built, it would be completed by the end of the year.

The project comprises 638 single storey low-cost units, 50 single-storey low-medium cost units, 384 single-storey medium-cost units, 481 double-storey medium-cost units and 87 double storey shops and office lots.

He said keys to 189 units had been handed over, “without the occupancy certificate.”

Lionell said the committee had appealed to Bank Negara to impose a ‘moratorium’ so that the house buyers would be relieved of the burden of servicing loans for a stipulated period.

House buyers are also urged to contact the committee as soon as possible to discuss further action.

For details, call Lionell at 012-4665664, vice chairmen Yap Choon Hui (012-4558582) and Mogan Raj (012- 4573715) or secretary Mary at 012-576652 or 04-5881864.


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