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Project delay burdens buyers
25/10/2002 The Star By Maizatul Nazlina

PASIR GUDANG: Factory worker Fatimah Zulaida Mohd Yusof, who wanted her own home, scrimped and saved to buy a low-cost house in Taman Desa Rakyat Perdana when the offer came in 1998.

Fatimah and her husband made plans on how they could decorate the house and could not wait for it to be completed last February, as stated in the sales and purchase agreement.

Two years passed but there was no news from the developer as to when their house would be completed, and a recent visit showed the flats were only 70% completed.

“The delay is burdening us as my husband and I have started paying RM500 monthly to the bank for the loan. The amount may be small to others but it is a lot for us.

“We have gone through many channels to voice our grouses but no one seems able to help,” she said, adding that they have five children and are renting a house at RM400 a month.

About 500 Taman Desa Rakyat Perdana housebuyers in Masai formed an action committee to get answers on the project’s status from the developer and the state housing department.

Committee chairman Sudin A. Kadir said the buyers bought the three-bedroom flats in July 1998 and were told the units would be completed last February.

“But not long after it started, the project, under Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor Sdn Bhd, stopped.

State Housing committee chairman Samat Aripin said the developer would resume the project in November and was expected to complete it by the middle of 2003.

Samat said the delay was due to a shortage of workers.


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