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Buyer: My wife died of heartache

The Star 15/01/2001

A 64-year-old housebuyer whose wife died of heartache before she could see their 'dream house', burst into tears during a Taman Terubong Indah (Majestic Heights) dialogue session yesterday.

Pensioner O.T. Goh said his wife had succumbed to pressure after they failed to meet the housing loan instalments and died of heartache last year.

"She will never have the chance to step foot into our dream house, which has yet to materialise.

"After her death, I have been having sleepless nights worrying about who will take care of my 24-year-old son who is a polio victim,'' he said, wiping his eyes.

He said he had, through sweat and tears, booked the house for his family, including two other sons, but instead met with disappointment.

Goh also hit out at the authorities which he claimed were "all talk and no action.''

He was among some 500 housebuyers who attended the dialogue session at Han Chiang High School here.

Earlier, Ad-hoc Committee for Taman Terubong Indah Phase I Purchasers adviser S.L. Chang announced that the State government agreed to set up a "high powered central committee'' to monitor the development of the stalled housing project.

He said the proposal for the central committee was among the seven-point request submitted to Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon during a three-hour meeting on Saturday.

"The committee, comprising government heads, is vital to ensure that the new contractor keeps his promise in completing the project.

"Poor or rich, the housebuyers have suffered enough. The only party making money out of this are the banks,'' he said.

Ad-hoc committee chairman Lim Beng Hong said they also urged the state government to look into the financial background of the new contractor.

He claimed that the company had currently a paid-up capital of only about RM250,000 and was dormant for the past six years.

Lim said Dr Koh had also agreed to look into the other six points which included ensuring the safety of the building structures.

"We have found many sink holes near the site and fear that there may be underground water streams beneath our buildings. "We certainly don't want to experience a tragedy like the one involving Highland Towers,'' he said.

He said Dr Koh had assured that the "high powered'' committee would be formed by Feb 4 as the legal action to wind up the developer is scheduled on Feb 5.

"We will follow this committee's advice even if it asks us to withdraw the legal action.

Present were Bayan Baru MP Wong Kam Hoong and Paya Terubong assemblyman Dr Loh Hock Hun.


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