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State units to keep tabs on developers

15/01/1999 The Star

Kuala Lumpur: All states have agreed to set up their own housing development monitoring units to keep tabs on the industry.

Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Dr Ting Chew Peh said yesterday that, among other things, the units would ensure developers complied with housing laws.

The units would also help developers in trouble and in this way cut down on project delays.

Their setting up was approved yesterday by the National Council on Housing, which is representated by all states and chaired by Dr Ting..

Dr Ting said the units would also have updated records on housing needs and development, and in this way help with the planning purposes.

He said the Government's housing projection under the 8th Malaysia Plan was 747,000 units nationwide, comprising new and renovated homes.

The projection was considered realistic, but have to be discussed by the federal and state governments later to see if it was possible, he said.

The 7th Malaysia Plan had an 800,000-home target. By the year 2001 there would be 746,000 new houses or 93% of the targeted number, Dr Ting said.

So far 480,000 or 60% of the houses have been completed, he added.

Dr Ting said the 17 working papers presented at yesterday's meeting included the build-and-sell concept. But, he added that the council had not made a decision on its implementation.

This was because the number of houses built using such concept was limited and could not meet the current housing demand.

Nevertheless, Dr Ting said the concept would be encouraged while the current system continued for the time being.

He said existing housing laws would be further tightened to help ensure a healthy housing industry with the interests of buyers adequately protected.

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